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Toronto based lifestyle clothing brand that provides our customers with the best and most trendy selection in fashionable modern street wear and lifestyle apparel, T-shirts, and accessories while trying to inspire our customers and employees to pursue an active lifestyle and support in your city.

Our designs never end for both male and female, our fascination is designing, and the most relaxed look with our Toronto Based LIfestyle. We have you secured for each occasion, from sports and music events with the young ladies and young men “In your city”.Keep up to date with high quality and affordable clothing that you won’t find anyplace else.Our durable and multi-colors clothes and accessories have the comfort and style for casual and daily routine activity. Whether you’re into wearing In your city brand products, you’ll surely find the product that’s right for you. Not to mention they’ll look great at any angle, perfect for your “Iyc lifestyle”. You deserve the comfort of knowing that your clothing is made thoughtfully in every way “In your city” with” IYC Lifestyle”.
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